My Imaginary Submarine: When Life and Work Collide

A Life’s Work. It’s an interesting concept. I’ll admit, there was a long period when my work was my life. But over time, I added life to my work, bit by bit, one piece at a time – a husband I love, a child I adore, parents in need of care, a home. From earliest memory, I have always been a master of compartments. I build them around the things that matter most to me, just like the sections of a submarine. If one leaks, the damage is contained and won’t flood the whole vessel. I’ve used this system for decades and it’s proven to be a lifesaver – not to mention a sanity-saver. I will wager to say that there are few careers more demanding than a life in the arts, and even fewer still that requi

A Long Conversation: Celebrating the 100th Birthday of Alberto Ginastera

April 11, 2016 marks the 100th birthday of Argentinian composer, Alberto Ginastera. I recently embarked upon the rather giant project of celebrating that milestone with a centennial recording and documentary that features some of his most iconic instrumental works performed by Gil Shaham, Jason Vieaux, and Orli Shaham. I recorded his Concerto for Harp and Orchestra and I’m also co-producing the album with Oberlin Music for a release later this year. Why am I doing all this, you may wonder? I’ve been asked that question a few times already. To state the obvious, it’s a pretty good sign you did a few good things in your time if folks are marking your 100th birthday long after you’ve left. In

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