Name Games

The event of receiving our names is one of life’s great lotteries. These identifying labels that accompany us through time are such an important part of who we are and yet, they come to us in a way that is completely out of our control. How much do our names shape who we become? Do they shape us or do we shape them? Ernest Finkelmeyer, Tabitha Gray, Cindy Little, Herbert Strange – what might names imply before we even meet a person? Nothing, ideally, but let’s face it, we all make assumptions and find ourselves shocked when an Ernest Finkelmeyer turns out to be un-bespectacled and charismatic. The truth is, I’m a lot less interested in judgments by others than I am about how our feelings abo

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Copyright 2019 Yolanda Kondonassis. Photography by Laura Watilo Blake, Mark Battrell, Robert Muller, Michael Cavotta.

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