A Little Spilled Toothpaste Could Save The World

I just did something that I have done countless times in my life: I wrote a letter – an email, in this case – that I will probably never send. My email is in response to one I received today that is, at best, thoughtless – at worst, rude. Neither thoughtlessness nor rudeness has ever been a crime, but for the majority of my life, I have sensed that most of us in civilized society know that words have power, and once uttered or written, that force is unleashed - for better or worse. Words still have power today, but everything we once knew about truth seems to be evaporating. New terms like “Fake News” and “Alternative Facts” now swirl around us like thick smoke, causing us to question even o

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Copyright 2019 Yolanda Kondonassis. Photography by Laura Watilo Blake, Mark Battrell, Robert Muller, Michael Cavotta.

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