Earth at Heart is a non-profit organization with the mission of increasing earth conservation awareness through the portal of the arts. Climate change, air quality, water pollution, man-made disasters, and diminishing resources are all inconvenient topics that have become increasingly politicized. Sometimes we instinctively know something deserves our attention, but we need a bit of inspiration to push us into action. As a musician, I see the profound impact of the arts all around me on a daily basis. That is why I founded Earth at Heart ®. When we see an idea or an event expressed in the language of music, dance, visual art, or poetry, those sensory experiences often open the mind and heart to interaction and reaction in ways that mere facts may not. With every passing moment, we lose ground in the battle to preserve our environment from the dire consequences of waste, neglect, and abuse. Action is the goal, but a visceral call to engagement can be the catalyst. There is not a minute to lose in our battle to protect the future of our planet, and an open heart and inspired commitment can make all the difference.

- Yolanda Kondonassis

Founder and Director of Earth at Heart

Air by Yolanda Kondonassis

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of Air benefit the Environmental Defense Fund: 


Our House is Round by Kondonassis

A Children's Book

by Yolanda Kondonassis

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“Our House Is Round is the perfect children’s introduction to environmental issues. The smartly narrated text and beautiful illustrations illuminate the ‘whys’ behind earth conservation in an engaging manner that both teaches and inspires. A must for every school and family library.” - Fred Krupp, Pres., Environmental Defense Fund


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Hovahaness by Yolanda Kondonassis

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this album benefit The Rainforest Alliance:


Copyright 2019 Yolanda Kondonassis. Photography by Laura Watilo Blake, Mark Battrell, Robert Muller, Michael Cavotta.

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